Safety Pillow (Non members and lapsed Members)

Seizures occurring during sleep are qualitatively different from seizures which may happen when one is awake. However, due to the context in which they may occur it is advisable to avoid soft pillows which can cause breathing to be obstructed if the person turns their face into the pillow during the seizure. While these pillows are not classed as medical devices/products, they are designed with  this safety context in mind for those who may experience sleep seizures.


Pillows are available as full size and we also offer a smaller Child’s pillow. The price per pillow is €25.00 including postage within Ireland.

For outside Ireland, postal rates will cost more, call 01 4557500 to enquire for prices. These pillows come with a washable pillow cover for this type of pillow. Please refrain from using a standard pillow case/cover. Extra pillow covers are also available on our shop.

Please note this the price for non Epilepsy Ireland Members. If you are unsure if you are a paid up current member, please contact 01 4557500 or email A discounted rate for members is available and is on our shop as a separate product.

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